Bihari Sahu Samaj, Mumbai

Bihari Sahu samaj mumbai founded in 1998 and is registered by Government of Maharashtra vide no. 718/1998/G.B.B.S.D Dated 15th June 1998.

Its office is situated in Kharghar D/202 Dev Darshan complex Sector 19 plot no. 23 Navi mumbai which is a two bedroom flat.

Sahu Samaj flat is given to Needy people who come for medical treatment/education or other purpose in mumbai at a very nominal cost.Person must be referred by some Executive members of Bihari sahu samaj mumbai.

Main objective of formation of Sahu samaj was to bring all people of sahu samaj mumbai in one platform.

  • Collect information of Boys and Girls for the marriage purpose and keep informed to all members
  • We provide educational and medical aid to the needy people subject to availability of funds from donors.
  • Family get together,picnic etc.

Bihari sahu samaj believes in one slogan as Service to Humanity is Service to God.

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